What Do We See



This film was selected by the London New Wind Festival for a live performance at October Gallery Bloomsbury. It was a fantastic event where musicians and sound artists gave a very sensitive live avant guard interpretation to my film.
It was also shortlisted for the Jerwood Moving Image Award.
The film is a visual experience of 6000 animated stills.
My interest in film relates to ways people see; to the theory of the visual, the poetics of vision and the minds eye. These ideas transfer our attention from what we look at, to us as the subject, the looker and our experience of looking. Each of us sees and experiences the same thing differently; our interpretation of what we see is filtered by our path of knowledge and understanding. It is this visual phenomenon, the idea that vision is a construct of the mind, that I am interested in exploring through the filming and editing process. As an experimental filmmaker I investigate theatrical experiences that lure the viewer into a perceptual and intimate world where they can participate in the act of seeing, so that they can move from a conscious level of looking to a more unconscious level and project elements of their own memories, desires and fears onto what they see.


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