La Vie Par La Mort


The film is a response to meeting Christian Boltanski in London recently. He says that at the beginning of every work of art there is a historical or psychoanalytic event, which refers to particular things that have to be told in order to be better understood. He represents life as a series of successive deaths, a permanent mourning for the self, for the child the child that one has ceased to be.
The film is about living life to the full but always with the constant reminder that death is only a breath away. I created the shape of a poppy as a metaphor for mortality so the viewer can see life filtered through this window. From here the highs and lows of life whizz past; portraits of relationships, real and psychoanalytical space, containers of memory archived through the moving image, worry, fear, sex and all the emotions, with only a few pauses for breath in the sublime colourful moments of peace.


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