Les Pierres Parlantes

24/03/2017 § Leave a comment

The Speaking Stones can be seen as a metaphor for people who gather in silent knowledge. People who know what’s going on but ignore it. The large stones standing together are imposing in their silence.

However, the films tell another story, whats actually going on.

The silence is broken.

The installation was seven sculptures and two films screened back to back and was installed in the grande carrière at La Brousse, Sers, France at the end of April 2017.

Les Pierres Parlantes est une métaphore pour les gens qui se rassemblent dans la connaissance silencieuse. Les gens qui savent ce qui se passe et font semblant de ne pas savoir. Ensemble, ils sont imposants et forts dans leur silence.

Cependant, les films racontent l’histoire de ce qui se passe.

Le silence est rompu.


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