ZOU#7 La Brousse, Sers. France.

02/05/2016 § Leave a comment



Some images from my installation in the déchets at La Brousse, Sers. So wonderful to be amongst such an amazing bunch of avant guard artists.

I mentioned this in a previous post but would like to update and reiterate it again. Traditional methods of viewing art focused mainly on artists and their style. In contemporary thinking there is a move away from this cartesian model to a wider remit which encompasses many methodologies; how art is made; art as process; art theory, visual theory and cross disciplinary innovation.  The result of this recalibration continues the discussion around  ‘what is art’.  There is a full scrutiny of the materiality of visual objects, of the corporeal effect, an architectural and spatial awareness,  political and ecological considerations and most importantly the theory around its cultural reception.

This weekend the artists at ZOU#7 were part of this new contemporary thinking raising these issues through their work.  By paring back materials, ideas and form to essentials the artists spark memories allowing the viewer in to complete the piece. For me the resonance of these works lingers after the exhibition is over and call on the ancient ancestors in the valley of the Eschelle where the exhibition was held.  There was a huge sense of community in this edition of ZOU where performance and music were the stars. Some highlights were; the intensity of walking spatially in the dark as a group towards the spot light performance deep in the cave, the group dance outside in the grounds, the fun urinals with swimming fish and flying birds, the earth dye textile workshops, the creative musical concerts and chatting happy faces in the café.  The grand themes of life and love were everywhere; in the gestural drawings on the walls to the stunning performance of movement and spoken word in the caves, all calling on the poetics and energy of the space. ZOU artists revitalises and stimulate our engagement and aesthetic experience and create new collective democratic kinds of cultural identification.




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