Here are some highlights from our Neuf Residency at Aid&Abet gallery in Cambridge November 2012.

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aid and abet film short 01000000Highlights from our residency at Aid&Abet gallery in Cambridge. What fun we had!

Neuf residency in Aid&Abet Gallery Cambridge, November 2012 was an exploration into alternative modes of cinematic screening and live projection.

In the vast empty space each filmmaker brought their own aesthetic atmosphere and collective enthusiasm to the claim and awaken the gallery walls in refreshingly new ways.

Over four days Neuf staged an array of textured materials, fabrics and mirrors and together projected live onto these different surfaces and objects.  Their hand held films interacted with dancers and live musicians to explore and discover ways to refresh and estrange the senses and perceptions.

Conventional cinema uses a language of expression to tell stories with the audience as passive participants.  Neuf experimental film collective doesn’t plough that same field instead it explores a language of the senses, to create poetry in a mood and searches for a deeper resonance so the viewer can become an active and mobile participant in the viewing experience.

The residency was a success as it triggered research into finding ways to arouse curiosity in how best to instal film and charge the space for public interaction and discern.
Neuf is a diverse group of individual artists working together with the common purpose of experimenting with the digital medium, the collaborative process and the installation space. We aim to challenge existing modes of production, curation and installation to explore the viewer’s relationship to the viewing experience. We are interested in an on-going question of how and where to locate experimental ‘film’ work and how the ‘viewing space’ can alter the work.
Neuf sprung out of an Arts Council funded experimental video art course (in 2006, run by Tim Sidell, ARU; Trish Sheil, Cambridge Film Consortium; and Kettles Yard) bringing together artists from different disciplines (performance, sculpture, painting, theatre, curatorial practice and writing) with a keen interest in the language and possibilities of film. We have been meeting monthly ever since at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. We are the only experimental video art collective in East Anglia engaged in the collaborative exploration of video art in the expanded space and inclusive of performance. Our unique perspective as a group offers insight to the collaborative and experimental process. We avoid predictable paths and are dedicated to pushing our own personal boundaries and knowledge as artists working with film.
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