Les Rogots (The Gossips) is shortlisted to the second round of Aesthetica Short Film Festival!

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les rogots app res 00014605I’m on a roll two shorts hovering on the brink: Drive Over is nominated for an award at the Rouen Film Festival and now Les Rogots is through to the second round of Aesthetica! Good times!image001

Drive Over is nominated for an award! soooo excited!

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TIE 14_Official Selection selectionRNC2014

Drive Over screening at Shortwave cinema.

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I am so pleased to be screening my film Drive Over in London’s coolest artist moving image venue Shortwave Cinema!  Check it out today 2-4pm. 10 Bermondsey Square. SE1

A great line up shorts curated by Rebecca Fairman.

img_2_10062013161325shortwave_031 large

Mind Your Head

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Mind your Head is a group exhibition in Cambridge Unit 7 Grafton Centre on 6th June 2014 from 6-11pm.  There will be film installations, performance, music and art. I’m screening my new film Cambridge 20/5/14, and have been extremely lucky to work with performance artist Pea Ramshaw on making this site specific film and to use the incredible abstracted Cambridge soundtrack by the very talented Nick May. Don’t miss seeing Neuf, the experimental film collective in action!




grafton invite pes 1 pea9 pea7 pea2

Neuf experimental projection with trapeze artists in Hackney Wick London

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What an amazing evening we had! Neuf experimental film collective projecting films over the walls of the trapeze studio whilst Jess and Jair flew threw the air.

jair shadow ernie and lady penelope jair babies and jess site jess ace! jair kand jess close up jess and jair 4 jess and jair 2 jess and jair jess3 h wick jess2 hwick jess hwick

Impro Visea: Improvised Music and Film, Bloomsbury Square, London.

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catherine imrpovI am extremely pleased to be invited to be part of Impro Visea this April in Bloomsbury Square, London.

The fantastic ensamble Trip-Tik with their wonderful guests will be improvising to a great line up of silent films.

The sensitivity, spontaneity and inventiveness of these guys is a joy to see.  I am delighted that they are playing to my new film Les Rogots (the Gossips).

Performers: Catherine Pluygers : Oboes and Adrian Northover on Saxophones, Cliff Stapleton on Hurdy-Gurdy and Adam Bohman on Found Objects and Sylvia Hallett on Solo Violin and Bowed Bycyle Wheel.

Filmmakers: Trisha McCrae, Adrian Northover, Phil Beeken, Phil Poppy, Takako Nakasu and Sarah Filmer.

Date Friday 4th April 2014 at 7.30 

Venue: Pushkin House,

5A Bloomsbury Square,

London WC1A 2TA

  It’s rare to see such intuitive creative performing. Definitely get there if you can!

Interview/article in Stigmart10 Video Focus Publication

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Interview/article in Stigmart10 Video Focus Publication


Interview with Trisha McCrae

Hello Trisha and welcome to Stigmart: to start this interview I would ask you what in your opinion defines a work of art.


The term ‘art’ certainly has a big remit but it’s the underlying aspects that make good art stand out, whether it is a piece of music, a film, a poem, a performance or a painting. For me, a work of art has to initially grab me with some sort of aesthetic emotion, a visceral reaction that says stay a bit longer and in these moments of waiting my imagination and understanding go off into free play. I‘m allowed into the piece. I like to think this happens when the intensity of the artist’s passion comes through and I appreciate work that is fresh, memorable and of its time.


I also suggest a work of art has to have a coherency, an over all sense of what it’s “about”, an inner logic in the Focillon sense, even if it is an abstract form, it must have underlying signs that link to a thematic content or harmony. Lastly I think a work of art has to have a reason to be, it has to have meaning.  I appreciate art as craft and art for arts sake, but for me great art has underlying meaning  read more


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